Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Welcome to the XVII Praetorian Guard - 2nd Battalion
My name is Col. Young, and this is my Praetorian Guard blog.

Hello and welcome to my blog for the XVII Praetorian Guard, 2nd Battalion.  This blog will record my progress as I construct a Battalion worth of Praetorian Guard using the original miniatures as well as conversion parts and kits from other companies.
In addition to the actual modelling side, I am also creating a background history for the Regiment as well as diagrams showing how the Battalion is structured.  Any help here would be much appreciated.

These days I have far less time on my hands to model and paint, so I expect this will be a long, but interesting road!

Plan Outline
Warhammer 40k in its current form opens the doors to so many possibilities!  Detachments and formations allow us to construct a wide variety of unique lists which we can then use to represent different regiments and units.  This is something I plan to focus a lot of attention on.

As an example, I plan to use the Death Korps of Krieg rules to represent my Black Watch company.  

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