Thursday, 7 May 2015

Deal you can't refuse!

Sometimes you come across something you have always wanted and can't resist the opportunity to get a cheeky discount off it.

This baby should be with me next week!  For those times when you need to absolutely obliterate an entire sector!

Monday, 4 May 2015

Recent Purchases

Recent Purchases!

Well, having sold off a bunch of Space Marines and other bits and bobs, I now have on order:

3 Leman Russ Battle Tanks
3 Leman Russ Demolisher Tanks
4 Thudd Guns for an artillery Battery
2 Used Baneblades that need some love.

In addition, I have recently purchased:

1 Baneblade Kit which will be turned into a Stormlord.
3 Chimera Tanks to add to my Mech Pool.
I also traded some guard for another Baneblade kit which I'm yet to decide on.

On my to buy list:
2 Valkyries
1 Sandbag Defence Line from Lucky Punk Miniatures.

Current Project

Currently I am building up 2 Squads of Scion Troopers with the Dragoon heads from Curious Constructs which can be found >>here<<

These guys will be loaded into 2 Valkyries (Once I buy them) to create the "Storm Trooper Mission Elite".

This little formation allows me to fly in from reserve, deploy my Scions who can then:  Shoot > Run > Shoot to "clear the area".  Perfect little attack force for clearing an objective!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Fielding a Company

Company Deployment

Formation - Designing my Army

So if you haven't done so already, it's worth looking in my pages list for my Army Structure to understand what I am trying to achieve.  I want to create an army that is Fluff based, yet still competitive enough to have an enjoyable game.  The basis of my army is a Battalion sized force with 5 Companies.  Each Company is 1 Command Squad, 3 Platoons with 3 Infantry Sections in each which totals around 105 troops.  That will be the core make up of any infantry based force I deploy on the table.  It may not be the most effective, but it will sure as hell look awesome!

While pouring over ideas, one being the Steel Host formation from the Red Waaagh book for my armour company, I came across another formation from the Apocalypse book which is the 'Imperial Shield' Infantry Company.  This is a formation I had never seen before and when I saw the word Company I had to have a read up on it.

The actual structure of this formation is as follows:

1 Command Squad
3+ Platoons

Wow!  That just so happens to tie in perfectly for my intended structure!  Then I saw the bonus for my list!:

"During each Break, every unit with at least 1 model automatically gain d3 models replaced."

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Welcome to the XVII Praetorian Guard - 2nd Battalion
My name is Col. Young, and this is my Praetorian Guard blog.

Hello and welcome to my blog for the XVII Praetorian Guard, 2nd Battalion.  This blog will record my progress as I construct a Battalion worth of Praetorian Guard using the original miniatures as well as conversion parts and kits from other companies.
In addition to the actual modelling side, I am also creating a background history for the Regiment as well as diagrams showing how the Battalion is structured.  Any help here would be much appreciated.

These days I have far less time on my hands to model and paint, so I expect this will be a long, but interesting road!

Plan Outline
Warhammer 40k in its current form opens the doors to so many possibilities!  Detachments and formations allow us to construct a wide variety of unique lists which we can then use to represent different regiments and units.  This is something I plan to focus a lot of attention on.

As an example, I plan to use the Death Korps of Krieg rules to represent my Black Watch company.